Registration No. BOM/RSR/S/1862-1982


Chairman’s Manogat 

"If you go crazy for selfishness, you fall alone. If you go crazy for the happiness of the society, you get many hands to support!"

Vishal Junnar Parivar is an example of team spirit, balanced thinking, vision for the future, constant struggle, passion for innovation and genuine passion for social service!  In 1978, some youth from Ghodpadev, Kalachawki area came together and formed an organization called "Maharashtra Sahakar Mandal" for the overall development and upliftment the society. From the Gangotri of this Maharashtra Sahakar Mandal, three registered namely "Vishal Junnar Sahakari Patpedhi", "Vishal Junnar Seva Mandal" and "Vishal Junnar Pratishthan" emerged. Today, all these three institutions are doing a great job in the three important areas namely economic, educational and social work areas.

              What is Vishal Junnar Pariwar? An organization / organization is formed when a peer, a goal-oriented is and like-minded person come together. Vishal Junnar Parivar is a group of ordinary but true activists from Mumbai but whose birthplace is Shivneri, Junnar Tehsil. Each of these individuals is actively involved in social work with dedication and passion! To describe this family appropriately, it can be done as follows –

" Vishal Junnar Parivar is the team of total dedicated, devoted, determined members, which is cohesive, creative & constructive with full faith in collective leadership & responsibility, fully believing in gandhian trusteeship & carring out of social, educational & financial activity for the benefit of society with total transperency."

Through the innovative concept of Group and Group Head through the Maharashtra Sahakar Mandal established in 1978, with initial 550 members, raised a basic share capital of Rs. 33,000 from a monthly subscription of Rs. 3.witch was then converted in to Vishal Junnar Sahakari Patpedhi Ltd, Mumbai. In Jan 1979.

As an Urdu poet had said ....

" हम निकल पडे थे जाने बे मंजिल

दोस्त आते गये और कारवा  बनता गया "

“ The USP of this Family is Coordination, Teamwork and Transparent Decision Making." There is 'culture' in the working here, not 'cult'!

The success of this family can be traced back to the following Panchasutri.

  1. The tendency to work hard!
  2. The attitude of taking everyone along!
  3. Immeasurable faith, in Sangh Shakti!
  4. The die hard desire to complete the task!
  5. Nishkam Karmayogya !!

Mahatma Gandhi has told a highest “value of life”

“ Means should be as good, legtimate, pure, legal, moral as the Goal"

These life values ​​will be found in every work and activity of Vishal Junnar Pariwar!

People who spend their lives for community , people, without asking for anything in return, without expecting anything in return, without letting their ego get in the way of their work, are great support to society.

Vishal Junnar's Karmayogi people definitely fit in this term!

New concepts, new ideas are the hallmarks of this family! This is a family that work for the development and upliftment of the society. The journey of Seva Dindi of Vishal Junnar family, on the path of ‘Nishkam Karmayog’, ​​will continue uninterruptedly with the cooperation and support of all members, well wishers, guides, staff for the overall development of the motherland and society to which they belong!



Vishal Junnar Sahakari Patpedhi Limited, Mumbai

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